Welcome to the Official Website of the 4th International Conference on Global Healthcare and Nutrition – ICGHC 2024. It will be held from 07th- 08th November 2024, in Bangkok, Thailand. ICGHC 2024 is being organized by Scientex Conferences. The aim of the conference is to provide the platform for Students, Doctors, Researchers, and Academicians to share the knowledge, concepts, and ideas in the recent trends in the field of Life Science and Health Science.


Global Healthcare 2024 is a technical conference encompassing keynote addresses, general oral presentation sessions, panel discussions, Networking sessions from specialists of healthcare-related fields, including Adolescent health, Allied health sciences, Clinical aspects related to health, Community Health, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Health policy, and planning, Health Promotion, Industrial health, Nursing and health, Nutrition and health, Paediatrics and child health, Public health, Rural health, School health, Sexual and reproductive health, Tropical medicine and health, Urban health, and Women's health.
The primary vision of the healthcare conference is to improve the research and developmental activities in Medical Science and Health Science. Another vision is to promote scientific knowledge interchange between Academicians, Researchers, Doctors, and Students working in and around the world. The conference is going to be held per annum to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Medical Science and Health Science.

Submit your abstracts via online at https://www.healthcare.scientexconference.com/submitabstract

Submit your abstracts via email at healthcare@scientexconferences.com

After the peer review process, you will be notified within 24 hours by e-mail about the acceptance/rejection of your abstract submission.

Submit your abstracts for the following sessions: Global Healthcare
Importance of the Global Healthcare

Global healthcare is focused on people across the entire planet instead of the concerns of particular nations. Global healthcare recognizes that health is decided by problems, issues, and concerns that transcend national boundaries. Global health manifests itself in the diversity of culture, geography, demography, epidemiology, economics, and gender. Successful global healthcare interventions require a deep understanding, appreciation, and concern for the social milieu of populations, their behaviors, customs, and beliefs. When approaching global healthcare, it is important to understand medical interventions alone do not solve public health problems.

Critical Global Healthcare Concepts
·       The determinants of healthcare
·       The measurement of health status
·       The importance of culture to healthcare
·       The global burden of disease
·       The key risk factors for different health conditions
·       The demographic and epidemiologic transitions
·       The organization and functions of healthcare systems

A Few Examples of Global Healthcare Issues
·       Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases
·       Antimicrobial resistance
·       Eradication of polio
·       Diarrhea, measles and pneumonia in young children
·       Sexually transmitted infections in young women
·       Tuberculosis
·       Malaria
·       HIV/AIDS
·       Parasitic infections such as hookworm
·       The increasing number of cases of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease

Conference opportunities
·       Exclusive Sessions and Panel discussions on latest innovations in healthcare
·       Lectures by the active Investigators
·       Keynote forums by Renowned Speakers
·       Speaker Forum
·       Poster Sessions on latest innovation in all the relevant Areas
·       Panel discussions and interactive sessions
·       Open Innovation Challenges
·       Poster Sessions on every career stage
·       Young Research Forum
·       Post-Doctoral Career Development Session
·       B2B Meetings
·       Global Networking with 50+ Countries
·       Novel techniques to benefit your research
·       Best platform for Global business and Networking opportunities

Target Audience

·       World Medical Practitioners
·       Physicians
·       Physician Assistants
·       Nurses
·       Licensed Practical Nurse
·       Advanced Practice Nurses
·       Professors
·       Clinicians
·       Registered Nurses
·       Healthcare Practitioners
·       Healthcare Professionals
·       Directors & Ceo’s of Organizations
·       Noble Laureates in Healthcare and Nursing
·       Ph.D. Scholars
·       Graduates And Post Graduates
·       Healthcare Industries
·       Healthcare & Nursing Associations
·       Societies
·       Researchers
·       Nursing Training Institutes
·       Hospitals
·       Government Healthcare Departments
·       Deans
·       Chairpersons
·       Pharmaceutical Industries
·       Pharmacists
·       Microbiologists
·       Staff Development Educators
·       Nursing and Healthcare Students
·       Nurse Educators
·       Nurse Practitioners
·       Nurse Managers
·       Midwives
·       Public Health Professionals
·       Delegates from Various Industries
·       Research Institutes and Members

Organizing Committee Members

Luca Roncati

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Javier Urra Portillo

Academic Number of the Academy of Psychology of Spain, Spain

Sunil Dadlani

Atlantic Health System Leadership, USA

Jean Marie Bottequin

Lector University Ulm , Germany

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Venue & Hospitality

Bangkok, Thailand

Grand Mercure Bangkok Atrium

Discover the perfect mix of Thai warmth and modern comfort at Grand Mercure Bangkok Atrium. This 5-star hotel sits in Bangkok’s heart. It’s on Phetchaburi Road, making airport and business district trips easy. Boasting a swimming pool, fitness center, and free WiFi in all areas, this hotel offers chargeable limousine services, along with stunning skyline views.

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