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Global Healthcare 2024 is a technical Conference encompassing keynote addresses, general oral presentation sessions, panel discussions, and Networking sessions from specialists in health-related fields, including Adolescent Health, Allied health sciences, Clinical aspects related to health, Community Health, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Health policy, and planning, Health Promotion, Industrial Health, Nursing and Health, Nutrition and health, Paediatrics and child health, Public health, Rural health, School health, Sexual and reproductive health, Tropical medicine and healthcare, Urban Health, and Women's health.

The primary vision of the conference is to improve the research and developmental activities in Medical Science and healthcare science. Another vision is to promote scientific knowledge interchange between Academicians, Researchers, Doctors, and Students working in and around the world. The conference is going to be held per annum to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Medical Science and Healthcare Science. 

The webinars are intended for people who need to continue their clinical training but cannot travel. They are intelligent administrations that offer case-based introductions, online polls, and live discussions with key assessment pioneers that incorporate supportive advice for routine patient care.

Submit your abstracts via online at

Submit your abstracts via email at

After the peer review process, you will be notified within 24 hours by e-mail about the acceptance/rejection of your abstract submission.

Conference attending benefits
·       Get feedback on an early version of your latest research
·       Get to know leaders in your field
·       Hear about the latest research findings
·       Improve your skills
·       Engage in high-level debates and refine your ideas
·       Greater Focus & Networking Opportunities
·       Invest In Yourself
·       Discuss your business with a global audience
·       Showcase your products to the world

Who will be there?
·       Doctors of all departments
·       Physicians/Nurses
·       Hospitals/Hospital Networks
·       Payers
·       Investors
·       Vendors
·       World Medical Practitioners 
·       Physician Assistants 
·       Professors
·       Clinicians

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Past Webinar Presentation

Past Webinar Presentation Links

Title : Luseogliflozin additively enhances the glucose-lowering effect of an iIncretin modulator in a high-carbohydrate diet in type2 diabetes

Gendai Lee, Diabetes and Kidney Medical Corporation Gendai Clinic, Japan

Title : Total Quality Management [TQM] in the healthcare industry – challenges, barriers and implementation

M Balasubramanian, Lilavati Hospital, India

Title : Pre-hospital emergency care system: Utilization of ambulance services in Nairobi country

Felistus Ndanu Musyoka, Nairobi Metropolitan Services, Kenya

Title : Patient experience and satisfaction in the practice of telemedicine: A cross-sectional study

Fawziah Saad AlMutary, King Fahad Medical City, KSA

Title : Spontaneous perforated Meckel’s diverticulum in adults: A case report

Thabet Alghazal, King Fahad Specialist Hospital, KSA

Title : Vacumed-Intermittent Vacuum Therapy (IVT) in chronic wound healing

Andrea Crkvenac Gregorek, University Hospital Center Zagreb, Croatia

Title : Quality of management and documentation of paediatric supracondylar fractures: A closed loop audit

Vusumuzi Sibanda, William Harvey Hospital, United Kingdom

Title : Global nutrition problems and philosophy of medicine

Dmitry Balalykin, The Classical Studies Foundation, USA

Title : Clinical education and students engagement: Sharing the experience of emergency remote teaching during COVID-19 Pandemic

Shahid Hassan, International Medical University, Malaysia

Title : Clinical efficacy of the novel biomarkers combination CA 15-3 and CA-62 for early-stage breast cancer detection

Janneta Tcherkassova, UCT Research & Development and JVS Diagnostics, Canada

Title : Knowledge and awareness of cataract: A population-based survey in Saudi Arabia

Hanan Fahad Al Otaybi, National Guard HealthAffairs, KSA

Title : Patients personal data protection in telemedicine

Dmitry M Monakov, Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Russian Federation

Title : Health-seeking behaviors and its determinants: A facility-based cross-sectional study in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Gulifeiya Abuduxike, Near East University, Turkey

Title : Improving compliance with physical distancing across religious cultures in Israel

Gillie Gabay, Achva Academic College, Israel

Title : Relations between autophagy and apoptosis in cancer diseases

Aurelian Udristioiu, Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest, Romania

Title : Outcomes of the treatment of fracture non-union using combined magnetic field bone growth stimulation: Experiences from a UK trauma unit

Vusumuzi Sibanda, William Harvey Hospital, United Kingdom

Title : Lived experiences of mothers of with premature babies in a neonatal intensive care unit of a selected hospital, in United Arab Emirates: A qualitative content analysis

Victoria Funmilayo Hanson, RAK Medical and Health Sciences University, UAE

Title : T-cell subset signatures are targeting the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus epitopes in the infected or vaccinated subjects during the last thirty three- months

Amany Sayed Maghraby Mohamed Ismail, Institute of Pharmaceutical Industries and Drug research, Egypt

Title : The benefits of integrative medicine for pain management in oncology: An evaluation of current evidence

Rajni Rathore, Saint James School of Medicine, Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Title : An insight on the maternal-fetal outcomes of critically Ill pregnant women during the second wave of COVID-19

Nighat Aftab, Latifa Women and Children Hospital, UAE

Title : Moral injury and the COVID-19 pandemic

Anne Louise Phelan, Consultative Medical Services, USA

Title : The effect of early oral feeding after subtotal esophagectomy with immediate esophageal reconstruction on the patients’ nutritional status

Natalia Kovalerova, A V Vishnevsky National Medical Research Center of Surgery, Russian Federation

Title : Topical heparin preparation in the treatment of varicose veins

Sandra Marinovic Kulisic, University Hospital Centre Zagreb, Croatia

Title : Melatonin substantially increases the regularity of heartbeat in a model system

Harold Dowse, Amherst College, USA

Title : Effect of dysmenorrhea on the academic performance among students studying in Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, Riyadh

Ibtihal Bukhari, Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University, KSA

Title : The essential public health operations in action: A case study from the corona pandemic in Hamburg

Elke Jakubowski, Authority of Social Affairs, Germany

Title : Pathophysiology and clinical implications of cognitive dysfunction in fibromyalgia

Weaam Ibraheem, Salma Rehabilitation Hospital, UAE

Title : Exposure to paints and respiratory health ailments among painting workers in commercial sectors

U V Kiran, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, India

Title : Bilateral chronic subdural hematoma in postpartum period: Case report and review of literature

James Lubuulwa, Bugando Medical Center, Tanzania

Title : Caribbean diaspora health initiatives – An intersectional, Inter-Professional approach to health equity

Farzanna S Haffizulla, Dr Kiran C Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine, USA

Title : Pattern of patients with mental disease at the Ziguinchor Psychiatric Center in southern Senegal

Adama Koundoul, Psychiatric Hospital Emile Badiane, Senegal

Title : Case report: Mixed-cause vertigo and sudden sensorineural hearing loss as presentations of vertebrobasilar dolichoectasia

Carolina Berenice Anízar Rodríguez, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Title : Factors associated with HIV in men who have sex with men in the Republic of the Congo

Nadia Claricelle Loukabou Mbongolo, National Public Health Laboratory, Congolaise

Title : The increase of alcohol abuse in rural american communities during the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional study

Rajni Rathore, Saint James School of Medicine, Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Title : Mood disorders in health workers of a third level hospital of complexity, Medellín, Colombia, 2011-2016

Veronica M Cuartas Castro, Union of Professions and Trades of the Health DarSer, Colombia

Title : Mesothelial cyst in a young female: Case report and literature review

Thabet Alghazal, King Fahad Specialist Hospital, KSA

Title : The impact of underrepresentation in cardiovascular trials on minorities in the United States

Federica Lombardi, Liceo Classico Annibale Mariotti, Italy

Title : Using machine learning models to predict emergency medical service call demand by time and space

R Justin Martin, Wake Forest University School of Business, USA

Title : Assessment of pediatric first permanent molar status and treatment time needed under general anesthesia at KAMC-Jeddah

Asrar Ehsan Sindi, Ministry of Health, KSA

Title : Fecal microbiota transplantation role in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease: A systematic review

Sondos Nassar, California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology, USA

Title : The impact of COVID-19 on oral surgery post-operative patient complications and communications within the oral surgery department at the Eastman Dental Hospital

Shree Patel, Dental Core Trainee , United Kingdom

Privileged Speakers

Gang-Ming Zou

Gang-Ming Zou

Chaminade University

Anat Ben Salmon

Anat Ben Salmon


Ofer Erez

Ofer Erez

Psychotherapist/ Lecturer

Placidia Vavirai

Placidia Vavirai

Independent researcher

Violetta Chernaya

Violetta Chernaya

Associate Professor

Almustafa Alhumadi

Almustafa Alhumadi

Assistant Lecturer

Farzanna S. Haffizulla

Farzanna S. Haffizulla

Chair/Associate Professor

Stacey J. Adam

Stacey J. Adam

Associate Vice President/Foundation

Manami Tanaka

Manami Tanaka

Vice President

 Mariam Al Tall

Mariam Al Tall

Head of General Health Department

Lubnnia Morais Florêncio De Souza

Lubnnia Morais Florêncio De Souza

University of Pernambuco

 Fatma AlGhufli

Fatma AlGhufli

Specialist Registrar Family Physician

Tamanna Afroz

Tamanna Afroz


Salma Basyouni

Salma Basyouni

Assistant Lecturer

Rebecca L. Rogers

Rebecca L. Rogers


Mary Wyckoff

Mary Wyckoff



Who can attend the Webinar?
Healthcare Professionals 
Physicians and Academicians 
Pharmaceutical companies 
Public health & Healthcare Practitioners and Professionals
World Medical Practitioners 
Various Societies and their members 
Delegates from Various Industries
General Information:
Webinar Name: 4th International Webinar on Global Healthcare and Nutrition
Theme: Revolutionizing the Future Strategies for Healthcare Research
Date: November 11-12, 2024
Time Zone: GMT+7
Platform: ZOOM
Guidelines for Joining Webinar:
• After registering for the webinar, you will receive a meeting invite link with a personalized user ID one day before the event for webinar access.
• Follow the steps provided prior, to prevent any technical issues on the day of the event.
• Please join the webinar 15 minutes early to eliminate the last-minute hassle.
• Ensure that your device meets the system requirements for running the specific application.
• For audio/video clarification, it is always better to attach an external device.
• Sit in a quiet location where you will have good network access with no disturbance.
• Mute your audio while others are presenting. Those who wish to ask questions or to discuss should raise hands and the host will unmute you at the end of the talk.
·        Get an opportunity to meet renowned scholars
·        Chances to Interact, & Forge Powerful Professional Relationships
·        Access to All Sessions Online
·        E-Handbook kit
·        E-Certificate Accreditation from the Organizing Committee
·        Online publication of Abstract and Biography on our website