Jean Marie Bottequin

Lector University Ulm , Germany


Jean-Marie Bottequin, born in Belgium, studied pedagogy and art education. Studied body expression, mime, with Etienne and Maximilien Decroux (1960), Marcel Marceau, (Paris), Marcel Hoste (1960-1967, Sabatini Theater, Belgium, Théatre TEMP, (Pinok and Matho 1999/2009 Theatre TEMP, Paris). Has worked since 1960 as a photojournalist for leading international magazines and as a theater photographer for prestigious theaters at home and abroad (ballet, opera, musical). Worked for 10 years as a consultant for UNESCO and Council of Europe. Gave seminars worldwide since 1980 for the photographic industry on non-verbal communication and perception as well as seminars for IPS International Photographic Seminars, (USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, Hungary, Greece, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Germany etc). - Since 2004 guest lecturer at the Universities Juridicum Vienna, Humboldt University Ulm and Dresden International University. Also guest speaker and lecturer in mediation (Geneva, Paris). He is listed in the German Speakers' Encyclopedia, Who is Who in Europe, Wikipedia. - Lecturer at the Munich Marketing Academy with the topics: Ego-Marketing, Corporate Etiquette, Innovations Manager, Intercultural Communication, Body Language, "Presenting Yourself", Rhetoric, PR Manager, Soft Skills, Time Management, Achieving Goals, Brand-me, FriendMe, Making Decisions. - Trained coach at LMI (Leadership Management International) and at IMI (Innovation Management Instruments, Zurich, CH). Numerous annual international exhibitions in museums and galleries since 1960. (Museum of Modern Art Paris, and many others). °As a speaker with a large portfolio of his own topics, speaks for corporate events and institutions. Award from International Speaker Arena in 2022. ° Gives corporate seminars and trainings in the topics of intercultural communication, effect and body language, Soft Skills, Personal Change Management and Mindfulness (in 4 languages: D, Fr, E, Nl.) ° Personal consultations as Supervisor, Human Profiler, Career Consultant and Life-Concept-Coach, especially in the area of "Vitamin-B" for relationships and partnerships in B2B, "Appearance with better effect", couple therapy and health. ° Energetic Healer, Breathing and Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher ° International Speaker Award of Speaker Excellence, Nürnberg 2022 ° Author of several professional articles in international journals.

Research Interest

Jean-Marie A. Bottequin International Expert and Trainer in Communication and Body Language 

• Career Coach 
• Life Work Success Profiler in Personality Development 
• Visiting University Professor 
• Advisor in Positive Transcultural Psychotherapy (WAPP) 
• Orientation Coach for Challenges in Intrapersonal Relations, Belgian, lives in Munich, Germany